A Letter From Hlumelo – My 2017

Dear SACS 1969 Trust

2017, a year filled with challenges, great experiences and memories which I will never forget.

The year started off with me and a few others getting chosen to move on and reside at Rosedale. Rosedale was very different from Michaelis hostel as it was much bigger and offered a gym which was going to be more beneficial as the year progressed. At Rosedale, we got to know the older grades better and live in a much more mature and controlled environment.

Academics kicked off and we were introduced to our new teachers and given textbooks needed for the year. Throughout all my subjects,  I did find Natural Science a bit challenging despite Maths and my marks dropping in the third term. History was my most enjoyable subject including English and Afrikaans. I could easily relate to the work we did in History and our English orals also related to what we did in History which was based on apartheid.

Sports and cultural activities kicked off and I tried to involve myself in all spheres of cultural activities. I joined the African Society where I took part in dancing and singing and we would go on to attend cultural evenings at Wynberg Girls & Boys, Herschel, Springfield and many more. Other schools did poetry in Xhosa and did motivational poems etc.

Sports was yet another highlight of my high school year. It started off in late 2016 when preseason started. Preseason continued on till we played our actual first game,  which was at a Paarl Boys Festival. We won all three games and started off the season unbeaten. The season kicked off and the most memorable game was the derby against Bishops who this season had only lost two games. They beat us away and the home fixture was a different result. We went down in the first half 20-0 and it took great character and dedication and we pilled on the pressure and ended up winning 22-20. The season ended with me and 6 other SACS BOYS who got chosen to go to WP High-Performance trials. 3 SACS BOYS were chosen in the final squad of 45 and I was one of them. I viewed this as a great achievement but yet I kept humble and still focused on my sports duties at school (basketball) and kept my head low.

We ended our rugby season with 18 games played and 5 lost to (Paarl Boys, Bishops, Paarl Gym, Paul Roos and Oakdale).

Hostel dinner was held in the second week before school closed. We celebrated the farewell of our Matrics and they announced the new hostel prefects.

I would like to thank each and every one of the 1969 Old Boys Trustees for gifting me with this great scholarship where I’m able to learn and have a solid education in a protected and safe environment. I’m forever grateful and thankful. And to Tessa Smit, thanks for always coming to check up on us, it’s highly appreciated,  the pies and the great biscuits you bring us always make our weeks shine a bit better.

Hlumelo Ntweni

Hlumelo’s 2017

Hi Everyone

We have reached the end of another happy and successful year with our SACS 1969 Trust scholar, Hlumelo. I have been so proud of him this year with his enthusiasm, his good behaviour, his sportsmanship and his academic effort.

I know you have all received his report which shows an improvement of 17% in his Maths – significant I think as exam terms are always harder. Gill Gull gave Hlumelo a few lessons before exams and it is evident that they helped him a great deal – Gill reported that it was a pleasure teaching such a polite and receptive young man. If possible I would like Hlumelo to continue with extra lessons in Grade 10 as Maths just gets tougher and I don’t want him to get despondent if he isn’t staying ahead.

As you will note, he battled with Natural Science (Biology and Physics) once again, the major problem being Physics which he has now been able to drop as he goes into Grade 10. His subjects next year besides English, isiXhosa, Maths and Life Orientation are Biology, History and Accounting.

Hopefully, he has chosen well and will do well in all these subjects. His marks in History (78%) show good commitment to his studies and I am so pleased that he is pursuing it as it is a subject he so obviously enjoys.

It has once again been a pleasure working with him and I am looking forward to his Grade 10 year. Thank you all again for making it possible for Hlumelo to benefit from the quality education he receives at SACS – he loves being a SACS man!

Wishing you all blessings over the holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year.

With warm regards, Tessa

Hlumelo’s Third Term

We received Hlumelo’s 2017 Third Term report yesterday.

Most of his marks are pleasing and show a good effort, he has had issues with two subjects.

Not a disaster – he is still passing but he is extremely disappointed when he fails to reach his goals.

Tessa, his mentor is on it and will see him early next term to discuss progress and improvement and get back to us.

One of the issues was that his Extra Maths teacher has been on maternity leave but she will start working with him again at the beginning of next term to prepare him for his exams in November.

We am not worried about him as we know he is diligent, motivated and aware of the problem.

We are sure he will go all out next term to improve in these troublesome subjects.

Finally, on the sporting front, he finished the rugby season on a high, thoroughly enjoying all his games and is looking forward to playing basketball next term.

He will write a report to us on his Grade 9 year at the end of next term.

Thanks as always for your support for Hlumelo.

With thanks from Hlumelo

Message from Hlumelo’s Mentor – Tessa Smit

Please see below a letter from Hlumelo – I hope it warms your heart the way it did mine!

Hlumelo is thriving and just loving being part of the SACS family.  Even more so now, after a year, I think he is a great candidate and will continue to make the most of his scholarship.

I am really pleased with his year-end report.

I am happy to see that his speedily organised extra Maths lessons paid off with an increase in his Maths mark by 6%.  I think it will be a good thing to continue with the extra lessons for a while so that he can get his marks up to 70%+. Victoria Jacobs, the tutor, has confirmed that he has a good Maths brain so I think we can expect more progress in Grade 9 next year.

Thank you for all you have done for Hlumelo this year and for giving me the opportunity to work with him – I have so enjoyed it and am looking forward to next year.  

I wish you all a blessed Christmas season and a happy and healthy 2017.

Kind regards,

Message from Hlumelo

This year has been filled with never-to-forget moments and new experiences. It’s been a life changing experience here at SACS and I have enjoyed it. The year started off slow and it was challenging but as the year progressed I started to understand my schoolwork, understand instructions in sport and understand our school motto, Spectemur Agendo.

Hostel life has been another shift and enjoyable moment in my high school career. I now have made life long friends and tasted different kinds of food which I now regard as my favourites, which have now put me 10kgs in front of where I was a year earlier.

The teachers here at SACS have been ever so humble and shared a helping hand whenever I was in need. They have motivated me in improving my marks and helping me understand the new work and finding my way through this magnificent school.

My coaches have taught me how to focus, both physically and mentally on different parts of my game-play. I’ve grown as a person from my coaches instructions and knowledge and have made me a better person.

I am ever so thankful and humbled whenever I have to compose a letter of thanks or describing my term for the 1969 Old Boys because I can’t express how thankful and appreciative I am of this great scholarship which I have been given. It’s a blessing from God and a great opportunity to better my life for the good and I promise to use it to make the Union proud.

With thanks from Hlumelo Ntweni.


Passing Grade 8

Hlumelo-NtweniWe are very excited to report that Hlumelo has Passed Grade 8 with an Average Mark of 76,8%.

He has maintained good marks throughout the year and the 76,8% compares to the previous term’s marks of 76,9% and shows an excellent improvement from his mid-Year mark of 71,1%%.

All except one of his marks are above the Grade Average and, on the one, he missed out by only 2%.

Also exciting are his highest subject marks of 97% and 90% and even his worst mark of 66% is perfectly acceptable.


Term 2: Ups and Downs by Hlumelo


Term 2 was a very difficult term in terms of the workload, shuffling sports practices and being injured.

The work was new and a bit of a challenge. Everything was taught so quickly and you had to listen very carefully. Projects were handed out in each subject and the exams started. I couldn’t write my exams due to my injury and got class aggregate for every subject except Math, Geography and Xhosa, so during exams, I would sit down and catch up on work or read a novel. Term 2 brought me closer to my peers and I started feeling comfortable in my surroundings. I quickly adapted to the timetable and tradition of the school. I learnt about every teacher and their personality, what to do and the what not’s.

We started off rugby season with a match against Boland Landbou and Paarl Gym and lost by a mere point or two. After those fixtures, we had to play Bishops, our arch rivals in the Southern Suburbs. We scored three tries in the first half and missed all our conversions to make it 15-0. We were determined we would win, coming into the second already looking too far out of their reach. Bishops came back with three tries and one conversion to make it 15-17 to them. Next, we had to play Rondebosch and beat them in a close fixture 27-5. Paul Roos were our next opposition and we suffered a 20-7 loss. I got injured in that match and fractured my humerus and was out for 6 weeks. I luckily, only missed the Wynberg and St Stithians fixture and was lucky enough to go to Johannesburg.

I had never been on a plane before and had never been to Joburg so on my way to the airport I was shivering and nervous. I boarded the plane and the jet engines rumbled and was told to chew gum so that my ears wouldn’t pop, but to my disappointment, this was a failed attempt. We landed at about 10am and took a Gautrain to our destination, Sandton. We stayed at the City Lodge for the first day and got separated and sent to our hosts. All of our hosts were from St Stithians and they were kind and obviously rich. We had a braai the next day at my host’s friend’s house and I got the opportunity to go on a helicopter. It was filled with a lot of adrenaline rush and made my whole journey to a new province enjoyable.

The hostel was another adventure and a new chapter in my life. At first, it was hard making friends and getting used to the different and somewhat foreign cuisine but I quickly adapted and started enjoying hostel. The bond it formed with you and your peers was extraordinary and you felt safe when laying down to watch the setting sun. Hostel life is still an adventure and making new friends and being together makes me feel part of the school. I had a few arguments about the rules and regulations but quickly came to the realisation of why they were set.

It’s a privilege being part of the SACS family and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

I thank you SACS 1969 Trust for putting me in this position and a better atmosphere for me to further my education. As for my arm, it’s completely healed and I’m back to the starting hooker for the U14A’s.

Our first beneficiary Hlumelo Ntweni is now enrolled!

Hlumelo-NtweniIt is exciting to be able to report that our first beneficiary is now enrolled at SACHS: Hlumelo Ntweni has started in Grade 8 this year and is living at Michaelis.

Trevor Fish has kindly arranged for our Scholars to be mentored by Tessa Smit of the Spirit Foundation, which has a great track record in this field and also looks after the John Ince Scholars.


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