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Message from Hlumelo’s Mentor – Tessa Smit

Please see below a letter from Hlumelo – I hope it warms your heart the way it did mine!

Hlumelo is thriving and just loving being part of the SACS family.  Even more so now, after a year, I think he is a great candidate and will continue to make the most of his scholarship.

I am really pleased with his year-end report.

I am happy to see that his speedily organised extra Maths lessons paid off with an increase in his Maths mark by 6%.  I think it will be a good thing to continue with the extra lessons for a while so that he can get his marks up to 70%+. Victoria Jacobs, the tutor, has confirmed that he has a good Maths brain so I think we can expect more progress in Grade 9 next year.

Thank you for all you have done for Hlumelo this year and for giving me the opportunity to work with him – I have so enjoyed it and am looking forward to next year.  

I wish you all a blessed Christmas season and a happy and healthy 2017.

Kind regards,

Message from Hlumelo

This year has been filled with never-to-forget moments and new experiences. It’s been a life changing experience here at SACS and I have enjoyed it. The year started off slow and it was challenging but as the year progressed I started to understand my schoolwork, understand instructions in sport and understand our school motto, Spectemur Agendo.

Hostel life has been another shift and enjoyable moment in my high school career. I now have made life long friends and tasted different kinds of food which I now regard as my favourites, which have now put me 10kgs in front of where I was a year earlier.

The teachers here at SACS have been ever so humble and shared a helping hand whenever I was in need. They have motivated me in improving my marks and helping me understand the new work and finding my way through this magnificent school.

My coaches have taught me how to focus, both physically and mentally on different parts of my game-play. I’ve grown as a person from my coaches instructions and knowledge and have made me a better person.

I am ever so thankful and humbled whenever I have to compose a letter of thanks or describing my term for the 1969 Old Boys because I can’t express how thankful and appreciative I am of this great scholarship which I have been given. It’s a blessing from God and a great opportunity to better my life for the good and I promise to use it to make the Union proud.

With thanks from Hlumelo Ntweni.


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